Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts in association with the Professional Travel Bloggers Association (PTBA) and SriLankan Airlines initiated the Cinnamon Travel Bloggers Conference (Cinnamon TBCasia) in 2014, with the intention of creating a global network of digital and social media influencers and connecting with the world's best travel bloggers. The second edition of TBC Asia included an additional component of awards, to recognize and reward the top bloggers from around the world, for the first time in Asia.

60 top travel bloggers from around the world were invited on a pre-tour of Sri Lanka followed by the conference and awards ceremony. The one-day conference featured globally renowned bloggers and digital experts such as Deb and Dave from the Planet D blog, Sara Polger of National Geographic, Mr. Jens Thraenhart- founder & president of Digital Innovation Asia (DIA), Dr. McDougall- CEO and founder of Digital Jungle, and much more. The event was attended by over250 industry participants and was a resounding success. The overall campaign achieved an online traction of 7,500,000+ reach and 56,500,000+ Impressions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.